The Simple Process Of Using The ATM Cards

You will find the ATM counters everywhere in the banks, shopping malls, airports, grocery stores as well as the petrol pumps, restaurants and many other places. Now the basic steps are described here about the usage of the Cash machine. If you are not yet that much comfortable with the usage of the ATM card, you will definitely find it easier after reading this. 

Also, if you are planning to own your own ATM, you will find this information helpful. So let’s have a look.
The basic procedures for your safety: People holding ATM cards are mostly attacked by the robbers. So, keep the usage of your ATM card a secret to others. And the area where you are using the card should be lonely. No one else should be there except you. It will be the best if you guard the screen completely by your body, while using the machine. This will help you be safe, as no other person can find your key processes. If you can use the card in well-trafficked area, especially during the day light, it will be the best for you.
The insertion of the debit card into the ATM: Debits cards are mostly used in ATMs as they are connected directly to your bank account. Insert the card with magnetic strip down into the machine so that the machine can read all your personal account details.You may use the credit card too. But due to the various charges, and other interest rates it is quite expensive to be used.
It will be better if you use the particular ATM cards in the respective banks’ machines: This will help you for your maximum limits of transactions, using the cards in other banks’ ATM in case of emergency.
Now the final procedure: Select your language from the options given on the screen. Then you will be instructed by a voice and the screen too for inserting your secret PIN. Once your PIN is given to the machine, the amount of money you want will be asked. You have to put the amount in digit and after pressing the button yes, you will get the money at your hand. If you want a receipt, press the button ‘yes’ when asked and the receipt will come out. When are you planning to own your own ATM, try to remember these points.
In case of withdrawal you will get the options like fast cash, targeted withdrawal, and some others. You have to choose the targeted withdrawal and always keep in mind that there will be a limit of amount you can withdraw on a single day from the ATM. So, be careful about that and never let others know your PIN.